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I have an itch to code...

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There's nothing quite like getting a new gadget that makes me want to take full advantage of it... and by that I mean write applications for it, or with it. :) The Google notebook, CR-48, is a very nice machine. It has my imagination spinning with possibilities... for those that don't know what this is, the Google notebook is a demo unit running Google's beta ChromeOS. Which, is basically a very thin Linux system running ONLY the Chrome web browser...a very modern browser with early implementations of new technologies for the web... The idea is that almost everything you do on your computer is through the browser, so the browser IS the operating system, not an application that runs in it... pushing all the "hard work" to The you only the user interface and the end-result/byproduct of "your" applications.

With a notebook like CR-48, I think it would be awesome to have a project that lived entirely on The Cloud... run in modern standards-compliant browsers (WebKit-derived, Mozilla/Firefox 3.6+, IE9+) as well as DEVELOPED in The Cloud...I'm talking about something like Bespin and putting it into something that offers an Eclipse-like environment, but accessible from anywhere. :)

This new notebook has me even more excited about the web and its future... I've been reading about the wonders of the new world of HTML5 and its vast improvements on what it will bring to the table. ECMAScript v5 (JavaScript) has some really awesome additions... and then there's WebSockets with event-driven bidirectional data between the web browser and server...combine this with NodeJS...and holy cow! So fun.... the future looks so bright. :) I'm so excited about the future of the Web.

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