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CableCARD Madness

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This past month has been crazy. I've been working my buns off at work, and leaving my poor wife home alone with the puppies for far too many late nights. So, to squash her boredom and save our pocket book (I can't work less, just yet, and when she's bored, she shops) I upgraded my media center server with the Ceton InfiniTV 4 channel CableCARD tuner as well as ordering cable (we have been living with the free locals).

It was supposed to be a simple install. Insert the tuner, then get a CableCARD from Cox, and done. Ten CableCARDs later and two visits from three Cox technicians and the discovery of a bad batch of cards later… we have glorious HD Cable TV on my custom media server :)

Note to the weary: If the diagnostic tells you that he CableCARD is bad, believe it... as well as question any other card from the same date code.

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