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The 411 of the path to 4.2 from 4.1

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Ext 4.2 came out a little while ago. The application I work on was on 4.1.1... not a big change right? :P Well, as it turns out, with large applications its not just a cookie-cutter upgrade. Especially since I rarely use built-in components (let alone, as-is). AND let's not forget the overrides :)

Change is good

I really enjoy ExtJs. I do. Each iteration brings more and more polish and features.

About the end of this last year, it became a need for the application to have the controllers listen & handle events from things that were not components. So, being a spry coder, I cracked open the source of 4.1.1 and found a way to add this feature. To my delight, 4.2 added event domains!

Then there is the button/tab markup change... so a lot of my custom CSS had to be updated. Changing EM to .x-btn-wrap or BUTTON to A.

There were a few bad templates exposed :) — apparently they silently and harmlessly failed in 4.1.1.


After about a day of research I have my app on 4.2 :) Oh, and bonus... I got the new Sencha Cmd working on this beast! (not the theming and compass parts... I use a homegrown solution for the app's Sass)

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