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Yet Another theme?

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Hi 😊

It’s been a while.

Besides keeping Wordpress up-to-date and activating their yearly new theme, I haven’t really been active on this blog for many years. I’m sorry about that.

I’ve been busy, to say the least. I believe the last few technical posts were still talking about ExtJS... that feels like ancient history now! 😂


I recently decided to try something new for this site... or, kind of... return to simplicity? In the beginning, this site was managed by a “static site generator” that I wrote called PostMan. Today, I’m dropping Wordpress and moving to Gatsby — a modern static site generator with all the bells and whistles. The theme and UI elements are all React components. Data is queried using GraphQL. The pages and posts are all static markdown files. 😊 The site is hosted by netlify and auto deployed from github.

Since I spend almost all my time in these tools, it just makes sense to make my personal site use them too. 😊

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